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Teste A/b Marketing Digital A/B Testing What Is A/B Testing? A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to … A/B testing—for all the content out there about it, people still mess it up. From testing the wrong things to running A/B
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5EED Comunicação e Marketing Digital. 27 likes. Promover a marca e produtos de clientes através da publicidade digital, utilizando ferramenta específica…

Digital Marketing Znaczenie DIGITAL MARKETING je marketinška agencija usmerena na kreiranje video sadržaja WEB DIZAJN i internet marketing! web dizajn izrada web sajtova i njihova optimizacija. The Power of media algorithms – between Reification and the Market The aim of the article is to identify the power of algorithms interpreted as mythologized and reified culture machines which establish

A DC COMUNICAÇÃO é a equipe de marketing da sua empresa, com baixos custos e resultados eficiêntes. Com uma equipe motivada e antenada com as novidades do mercado, assumimos a gerência das ações de marketing e mídias sociais da sua empresa, elaborando um pacote de ações…

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From March 18 th to March 22 nd will be held, at Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, the 7 th annual communication, arts and technology week. This year’s main theme is “youth”, and how it is important in a lot of specific subjects namely in journalism, advertising, marketing and cultural studies.

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